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The story behind The Bone & One Game Studio.

“The best way to predict the future is creating it.”

2013 Q1 - TAG The Awesome Game

  • Back in the day, Marc Oyamburu dreamed about one concept he used to call Real Electronic Gaming. The idea was simple: Combining the outside world with technology, a new kind of experience could be created. He wanted to recreate a fantastic universe in our actual world, where the player could be the main character and prove his real-life skills in a video game-like environment. The initial company name and game concept was titled "TAG: The Awesome Game.

2013 The Bone TAG concept
Download PDF • 3.96MB

2014 Q1 - No money, no game.

  • Marc tried to make this dream happen, but the technology wasn't there, and he had no team, funding, or experience to make this happen. Then, a new idea came to his mind. "How many people are having the same problem?" he asked himself. So he created Play Business, an equity crowdfunding platform that solved this problem.

  • Play Business quickly became a great success. Today is the largest platform in Latinamerica. But something unexpected happened, something that people usually refer to as destiny…

2015 Q1 Meeting the future Co-Founding team

  • Diego Pelaez, Bernardo Fernandez (Known as Oso), and Juan Carlos Torres (known as Johnny) were trying to raise money for their robotic company called Briko, something Marc was doing for a living with Play Business at the time. Almost immediately, they made a great connection working together for several years as an investor, consultant, partner relation, and later on, as friends.

2015 Q2 What happens in Las Vegas… Well, it didn't stay there.

  • Oso, Diego, Johnny, and Marc worked full time on their respective companies. But that unforgettable dream that was born back in 2013 was still alive in Marc's mind. The four of them traveled to a Startup event in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there were on a bus, Marc told them about the idea, and they conclude by saying something like: "someday we shall gather to do this."

the bone 2016 concept
Download PDF • 1.08MB

2018 Q1 All In

  • Marc decided to leave Play Business operations to start this new adventure. He got married and moved to Austin to make a master's in Game Design and Storytelling, knowing the technology was reaching what he needed, and then The Bone was officially born.

2018 Q3 Gathering the team.

  • Everyone has ideas. There's some value on them, but it is never enough. A super team must be gathered to achieve extraordinary things. It is the only way.

  • Marc traveled to San Luis Potosí México to meet with Oso, Diego, and Johnny. He presented a Business and Development Plan, and then, The Bone had the essential elements to start being a reality instead of a dream.

2019 Q1 First test.

  • After endless hours of game design, hardware, software, user experience, lore, and concept discussions, the first Epon was alive with a clear development path yet to come.

2020 Q4 "Say hello to my little friend."

  • With hundreds of hours into development and the team focused on having the first usable demo for pre-registered people, the door to The Bone universe was ready.

  • The first pre-alpha test tournament with 1,000 recruits happened. Some things went great, other things not so much… But people were happy, enthusiastic and looking forward.

2021 Q1 Kickstarter Launch

  • With a global community that surpasses 100,000 users, everyone is anxiously waiting for the official launch on Kickstarter to finally reveal all the details that to this day are still a mystery. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, with a minimum goal of $250,000.

  • After more than three years working undercover before announcing anything to make sure the technology worked, The Bone reached the point where everything is in place to let anyone know about the experience of having superpowers in real life.

Time to go out and share The Bone with all the world.

For more information, please visit:

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