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The Bone raises over $55k USD in first week of Kickstarter Campaign.

One Game Studio, the Latin American startup behind The Bone, a free-to-play mobile AR videogame that combines RPG components and sports in a real-life environment, has raised over $55,000 USD in the first week after launching a Kickstarter campaign.

“We have been working in stealth mode for over three years to develop The Bone. First, we needed to make sure that the technology worked,” said Marc Oyamburu, One Game Studio’s Founder and Creative Director. “Not only does the technology work perfectly today, but we have tested it with a pre-alpha group made up of 1,000 carefully chosen recruits. All data indicate that the time has come to release the technology via a crowdfunding campaign so that anyone can get early access and show their support”.

Despite boasting over 260 million gamers regionally, Latin America seldom makes news in the gaming industry. That might be about to change, as the LatAm-based (albeit fully-remote) indie outfit surpassed its $50,000 USD goal in the first 5 hours of a campaign launched on the crowdfunding platform. The rewards for backers span from $1 USD (for early access to the beta version) to $3,000 USD (for a “Recruitment Center”, the game´s shared economy model that will allow owners to rent out gear and organize in-person, AR-based matches).

An alpha version of the game´s mobile-only mode will be available for backers in Q3-2021 and the AR hardware needed to play the AR mode (an industry heavily disrupted by the Covid epidemic), is expected to arrive in the first half of 2022. Similarly, Recruitment Centers are expected to be in operation through LatAm, the US and selected European cities once the hardware is delivered.

This is the first public step in One Game Studio´s efforts to cater to the fast-growing mobile gaming market, and a clear result of AR and mobile gaming´s growth in Latin America and elsewhere. The company has recruited top-tier talent to develop the software and hardware needed to play the game, and is advised by world class mentors such as industry legend Rod Cousens (former CEO at Jagex and Codemasters and former head of the international division of Activision).

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