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Quantum Casters, the mobile video game that lets you have powers in real life

Updated: Apr 20

April 20, 2023

One Game Studio, the Mexican startup that developed Quantum Casters, a free mobile video game for Android and IOS in augmented reality that allows you to experience having powers in real life, will launch on Saturday, April 29th in America, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

"We want people returning to experiencing the real world. Entertainment should not only be experienced sitting down. We invented a tool that allows it: a combination that mixes a mobile video game, the real world, and sports," said Marc Oyamburu, co-founder and CEO of One Game Studio. "Who doesn't want to have powers in real life? But not only to control them, but also to experience everything that comes with acquiring them, learning to use them, and fighting with them."

The innovative and patented technology behind Quantum Casters is based on two pillars: exploration and real-life combat. On the one hand, it allows players to explore the real world to acquire all kinds of resources and powers. The experience does not use GPS like PokemonGo! or other similar applications. Instead, it interprets the colors and textures of the environment to create augmented reality resources so that players can interact with them through their mobile phones.

"You won't find the same powers in the grass as you will exploring the sand or a river, for example. In one place, you may find a power that causes damage, and in another, one that heals you or puts a shield on your allies. You have to explore the world if you want to get them all," shared Marc Oyamburu.

It's not just about getting powers but also using them to fight other players. The combat is multiplayer, in real life, with augmented reality and up to 8 simultaneous players. The technology allows playing any game mode, from duels to Battle Royale to capturing the flag. All in a real environment but using augmented reality powers.

Quantum Casters spent last year testing with more than 2,000 users in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. It has over 100,000 pre-registered users and will launch with a free, in-person event at Casa Battler in Mexico City on Saturday, April 29th. However, events will occur throughout the continent. They have a Recruitment Centers model where players create, organize, and host events for their local communities.

Quantum Casters is One Game Studio's first title after almost four years of development. The company has recruited top talent to develop the necessary technology. It has world-class mentors such as industry legend Rod Cousens (former CEO of Jagex, Codemasters, and former Director of the international division of Activision).

Marc Oyamburu,

Co-founder and CEO


Relevant Data



  • Developer: One Game Studio

  • Development Started: September 2019

  • Release Date: April 29th, 2023

  • Game Name: Quantum Casters

  • Platform: Mobile for Android and IOS.

  • Download Android

  • Download Iphone

  • Genre: Action-RPG

  • Languages: Spanish and English

  • Application Size: 85 MB download and 425MB afterward.

  • Cost: Free

  • Business Model: Free-to-play with microtransactions

  • Pre-registered users: +100,000

  • Launch countries: All of America except Brazil, plus Spain and the United Kingdom

  • Active Recruitment Centers by country and number of cities or regions:

  • Mexico: 33 active cities

  • United States: 13 active cities

  • Colombia: 9 active cities

  • Ecuador: 6 active cities

  • Spain: 4 active cities

  • Argentina: 3 active cities

  • Chile: 3 active cities

  • Guatemala: 3 active cities

  • Peru: 3 active cities

  • Canada: 2 active cities

  • United Kingdom: 2 active cities

  • Bolivia: 1 active city

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