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Kickstarter Referral Program.

Howdy masters of content!

We are announcing the official referral system for Kickstarter. If you are a content creator and/or press, we would love to create a unique referral link for you to help us reach your audiences and at the same time reward you.


At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we will count how many people used your link to get a reward. To keep it simple, you will get $10 USD for each user that buys any reward on Kickstarter. You will then decide to get the cash or perk(s) at Kickstarter prices!

It doesn't matter which reward your referral got with your link. It could be $20 or $200 reward. As long as they backed us using your link, you will get $10 for each referral. (See "Special Terms and Conditions"). Consider that if they do not use your link, they will not count, no exceptions. So make sure they do!

How to get a link?

1) Send an email to

2) Tell us you are looking for a referral link.

3) Tell us where you write or create content! (A link is enough).

In the next 24 hours, you will have an answer to start sharing! We only have 100 links, so we cannot guarantee that you will get one in your email.


  • Official launch day: Tuesday, March 16, 9 am central time.

  • Official campaign end: Friday, April 16, 7 pm central time.

  • Product or cash decision: Monday, April 26.

Special Terms and Conditions

  • Consider that you need at least 20 people to back us on Kickstarter to activate the program automatically.

  • Donations without rewards will not count since they can start at $1.

  • If The Bone creates a reward that costs less than $20, it will not count for this program.

  • The following rewards are the only ones that are being counted as part of the program: Recruit, Apprentice, Caster, Full Caster, Full Caster Duo, Esports Basic, Esports Elite, Legendary Alchemist, Legendary Caster.

  • Product delivery will share the same timeline as the Kickstarter campaign.

  • If you decide to get the cash, an invoice with "marketing services" would be required.

  • This is an international program. Any country is allowed as long as your local and national laws allow them.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to enter the program and 18 years old to claim the cash.

  • If you decide to exchange your credits for physical products, shipping is not included, but you can also use your credits for this!

  • In the case that the campaign doesn't reach its funding goal, no payments will be made and/or no products will be delivered.

  • Other terms and conditions may apply, visit,,

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