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We are commited to build a better version of reality

Reality is broken

"Real-life used to be amazing. I remember my life playing all day as a kid, teenager, and young adult outside in the world. Simple games like hide and seek, serious sports for scholarships, or anywhere in between. For centuries we used games to move, be a better version of ourselves, socialize, and be happy. That outdoor life doesn't seem to exist anymore.


Today we live in virtual worlds; video games are providing rewards that reality cannot. They are teaching and engaging us in ways reality cannot. They are bringing us together in ways reality cannot. Until now…


We are committed to improving reality, take it to the next level by combining three elements: Real-life, technology, and games.

We are building a better version of reality."

Marc Oyamburu.

Our History

Find the most relevant events that made a dream became a concept, a concept that helped build an amazing team, and well... a team that changed sweat, knowledge, and execution to make The Bone happen.

Company principles

The past and the future will be built upon these eight principles. No matter how big and impactful is the decision, or how small it seems to be.

Behind the magic

An International team led by experienced entrepreneurs with previously successful companies, fully dedicated to the mission with more than 6 years of experience working together.

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Team history & experience

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