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Having superpowers in real life is something we dreamed of as humanity.

Inspired by almost every fantasy and Sci-Fi franchise that changed the world, we believe that anyone should be able to feel firsthand the idea of being the "chosen one".

We are committed to improving reality, take it to the next level by combining three elements: Real-life, technology, and games.

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One Game Studio is an international technology company dedicated to the development of a unique free mobile game.

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The experience of having superpowers in real life

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We developed a proprietary technology with augmented reality and electronic components that allows anyone with a mobile phone to experience the idea of having superpowers in real life.


Mobile Software


Augmented Reality

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The born of a new genre, maybe?

No idea... we just through the name could be Real Electronic Gaming.

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In less than three years, someone on his couch via streaming will see a real-time battle in some epic landmark of the world, with no script or makeup, just esports athletes fighting using The Bone.

We will not rest until this happens

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